Friday, March 16, 2012

~Share The Love~

Good Morning Everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about networking and how important it is to connect with others given your resources ( FB, Blogs,twitter), to expand not only your busines but  to share a little about yourself. Connections are more easliy aquired when we each reach out and show genuine interest in others and their success as well. For instance every morning I post something inspirational as you never know what FB friend out there  might be battling that day. I enjoy visiting other peoples websites to share and show support for a fellow artisan. There are so many amazing artisans out there and it is always important to share the love in more than one way... I was thrilled this morning to find out my leather wap bracelet-~Midnight Cowboy~ was chosen as a" Great Find" on the FB page and I am in great company! So when you are building your business to remember the things that are most important and will help build the strongest foundations.
~In love & Light~

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