Monday, March 19, 2012

~Passion For Dessert~

What a great feeling to find something "old and unpurposed" and give it a" new life"! I love browsing through antique shows or estate sales and seeing very cool old" stuff" and thinking ... I know just what I can do with that! Although sometimes plans change midstream because another idea has come to me on how to best use that "stuff", and that's ok.... the process of creating should always be evolving and you should always just go with the flow!
 I have always seen the beauty and whimsy in old items and when I found some pretty silver plated dinnerware from the 1940's I thought.... I can do something wonderful with those! Many people have taken this idea and it isnt a new concept but the thought of turning these spoons and forks into something pretty... intrigued me. So I set out to make a couple of bracelets and personalized them first with  metal stamping and texturing and then added the patina. I used a bracelet mandrel to give a basic shape and then pounded and shaped further.Beaducation is a wonderful place to get supplies for metal stamping projects.. they also have a great selection of jewelry making ideas, products and supplies!
 The process was fun and  I will be creating some more in the near future and exploring other ideas I have for them, this just gives me another excuse to go out and" haunt" these second hand shops even more! I hope all your journeys bring you to a beautiful place and may you always have a
 ~Passion for Dessert~
In Love & Light~

This bracelet is designed with a dessert fork...and so you have it "Passion for Dessert". The silver itself and the design  reflect alot in the picture so it is hard to tell the way it looks in person,but I was very pleased with both pieces!

This bracelet was designed with angel wings in  mind.. The fork tines for me, resembled the upturned wing of an Angel and so "Faith" is stamped before the tines and the "wings" are turned up next to the word.
You can find these pieces and more at ~ IndigoEarth's~ website

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