Friday, July 31, 2015

NEW! On Line Workshop~" LifeStory" Creating Beautiful Inspirational Polymer Clay Tiles!

Create these beautiful "LifeStory" polymer clay tiles filled with love and inspiration! Join us in this wonderfully creative 3 week workshop where we will cover clay selection, stamps and impression tools to use along with choosing fun supplies to adorn your tiles and personalize them. I will also cover several projects ideas that can incorporate these beautiful, special clay tiles along with the best way to seal and protect them! 
~So many fun ideas!!~ 
Hope you can join us for this wonderfully inspirational creative workshop! Year long access at your own pace. Upon registering you will receive a link to the blog page where you will find a supply list and its also where you check in to watch the videos.


  1. One day I'm going to work with these clay tiles. I love and adore them!!